Small cheap tip for insurance and real-estate photography

In this small article i would like to share a small tip for real-estate and insurance photographers. Photography for insurance companies, real-estate agencies and private clients is sometimes simple and does not require any serious equipment, but sometimes it is challenging. I have such situations already several times.

Low-light photography for insurance

Photography tips illustration. Damaged wall in low-light location

Client asked to photograph construction problems, wall splits, humidity damages etc in very narrow and not suitable for access places. Sometimes he needed to show very detailed photos to insurance agency. Problem for focus is obvious: too low light or no light at all and no way to install something.On-camera light is not enough and camera does not focus.

This simple tip allows to focus in any condition and have good quality photos to present. No postprocessing is really needed. Saved a lot of time for me. I use a laser pointer, very small and i can hold it together with camera. I highlight a point of interest, focus as always and then shoot.

Resulting photo does not have this bright spot in place of focus point, light from flash covers it very well.

Happy shooting!

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